New robot in Hungary

The Universal Robots product family and the Quantum Lasertech Kft. is the first to sell the newest serial robot.

The use of the UR16e type collaborative robot is common in Western Europe, however, it has now been put into operation for the first time in Hungary for an international H2020 research and development project. 

The focus of the project is sustainable development through robotic innovation, named RoBUTCHER. It aims to create an autonomous meat factory cell that makes the food supply chain more efficient and faster. In Hungary, Óbuda University joined the research consortium. Researchers at the University want to produce a meat processing unit that may help domestic pig processing plants in the future as well.

“The UR16e collaborative robot was a good choice for us, since it can handle a payload of 16 kg, while it is safe and cooperative. Once we unboxed the robot, connected the power cords, the UR16e was immediately operational. It was installed incredibly fast, and further, it is  easy to be programed."

Tamás Haidegger

 Associate Professor-  Óbuda University, EKIK

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